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Simoniz® Big Red Detail Gel - 32 oz.

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  • Simoniz® Big Red is a professional grade, heavy cut, gel style compound which we designed to correct badly oxidized paint finishes. It can be used by hand or by machine and also works great on gel coat finishes such as RV and marine vehicles. Recommended for professional detailers only.

    How to Use:

  • Work in the shade or inside and make sure your vehicle's surface is completely dry and cool to the touch.
  • Thoroughly wash your vehicle. Simoniz® Wash N' Shine car soap is a great choice.
  • Shake well before using.
  • Identify areas of heavy oxidation on your vehicle’s surface and tape off any nearby moldings and headlights.
  • If applying by hand, apply a thin layer of product to a clean wax applicator pad. Working in small sections of the vehicle, apply the product with light pressure in straight-line motions making sure to cover the area completely. Start with your hood and move from the front to the back of your vehicle applying to the top surfaces first and then moving down the side of your vehicle. Repeat these steps on the opposite half of your vehicle. For scuffmark removal, simply rub the product into the surface. Then, wipe away with a microfiber towel.
  • For more serious damage and expert results, use a variable speed buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. Dispense (3) three inch lines of product around the edge of the pad. Press the pad to the paint and spread the compound over the panel before turning the machine on to prevent splatter. When you are finished applying the compound turn off your machine before lifting it off the paint.
  • When finished wipe clean with a microfiber towel.
  • Follow with Simoniz® Polish Compound.
  • TIP: Be careful when applying as this product can burn through your paint when applied improperly with a machine.

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